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341 GIFs were published in 2022

  1. January, 2022

    1. Fully operational (from Galaxy Quest)
    2. The battle for the planet (from Invader Zim)
    3. 6.4, whoof! (from Tango)
    4. Hooray for Earth! (from Invader Zim)
    5. Tell him about the Twinkie (from Ghostbusters)
    6. Roll around on the floor (from Invader Zim)
    7. Fake crying (from Miss Congeniality)
    8. Give me all the meat! (from Invader Zim)
    9. Keys (from Police Squad!)
    10. Package (from Invader Zim)
    11. The manager (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    12. Laughing (from Invader Zim)
    13. Flip (from Ted Lasso)
    14. Space cannon (from Invader Zim)
    15. One job (from Galaxy Quest)
    16. Lemony fresh victory (from Invader Zim)
    17. All hair gel and fancy loafers (from Tango)
    18. Cleaning (from Invader Zim)
    19. The perfect movie (from Supergirl)
    20. Somebody needs a hug (from Invader Zim)
    21. Slap (from Miss Congeniality)
    22. I am an Invader! (from Invader Zim)
    23. Owner being beaten (from Police Squad!)
    24. Space meat! (from Invader Zim)
    25. Stick (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    26. Destroy them with pepper! (from Invader Zim)
    27. Bonne chance (from Ted Lasso)
    28. prepare yourselves for destruction (from Invader Zim)
    29. Supreme importance (from Galaxy Quest)
    30. Oooh! Neat! (from Invader Zim)
    31. Look at us (from Tango)
    32. So. Much. Filth. (from Invader Zim)
    33. Shall we play a game? (from WarGames)
    34. Destroy you (from Invader Zim)
    35. I quit, here and now (from Miss Congeniality)
    36. Greasy burger man (from Invader Zim)
    37. Target practice (from Police Squad!)
    38. Your organs, in danger (from Invader Zim)
    39. Vase (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    40. Horrible (from Invader Zim)
    41. Why won’t you let me be happy? (from Ted Lasso)
    42. Hideous blob (from Invader Zim)
    43. What a savings (from Galaxy Quest)
    44. Full of organs (from Invader Zim)
    45. Full Commonwealth regulation volume (from Tango)
    46. Pencil (from Invader Zim)
    47. Global thermonuclear war (from WarGames)
    48. Reporters (from Invader Zim)
    49. A lot of rage (from Miss Congeniality)
    50. Inferior human organs (from Invader Zim)
    51. Who are you (from Police Squad!)
    52. Phone (from Invader Zim)
    53. Book (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    54. Organ I.D. (from Invader Zim)
    55. Will there be biscuits (from Ted Lasso)
    56. Faster, my pig (from Invader Zim)
    57. Explain, as you would a child (from Galaxy Quest)
    58. You smell like feet! (from Invader Zim)
    59. Slap (from Tango)
    60. There is none so worthy as Zim! (from Invader Zim)
    61. Playing a game with us (from WarGames)
    62. Lay eggs (from Invader Zim)
  2. February, 2022

    1. World peace (from Miss Congeniality)
    2. Experimentation (from Invader Zim)
    3. Special Guest Star: William Conrad (from Police Squad!)
    4. I like you (from Invader Zim)
    5. The pig accepts me! (from Invader Zim)
    6. Cartoon rat (from Ted Lasso)
    7. The bees! (from Invader Zim)
    8. Never give up, never surrender! (from Galaxy Quest)
    9. Government Man (from Invader Zim)
    10. That’s naughty (from Tango)
    11. Slap (from Invader Zim)
    12. Let’s play (from WarGames)
    13. Release the pig! (from Invader Zim)
    14. I will do whatever you want me to do (from Miss Congeniality)
    15. Bless the corns on my toes (from Invader Zim)
    16. Hilarious (from Police Squad!)
    17. Run a diagnostic (from Invader Zim)
    18. Priceless! (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    19. Captured (from Invader Zim)
    20. Oops (from Ted Lasso)
    21. Why am I so amazing?! (from Invader Zim)
    22. Expendable (from Galaxy Quest)
    23. Woop woop (from Invader Zim)
    24. Fat pigeon! (from Tango)
    25. Nightclub (from Invader Zim)
    26. Desk activity (from WarGames)
    27. Finally we are safe (from Invader Zim)
    28. Wolf whistle (from Miss Congeniality)
    29. Screaming (from Invader Zim)
    30. Over the rainbow (from Police Squad!)
    31. Experimental government aircraft (from Invader Zim)
    32. Bitch (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    33. Fill us (from Invader Zim)
    34. Act cool (from Ted Lasso)
    35. Every last cell (from Invader Zim)
    36. We lied (from Galaxy Quest)
    37. Settle this like children (from Invader Zim)
    38. Analysis (from Invader Zim)
    39. Sub-launch detection (from WarGames)
    40. Grinding (from Invader Zim)
    41. Come on, muffin! (from Miss Congeniality)
    42. Hammering (from Invader Zim)
    43. Got a light (from Police Squad!)
    44. Metalwork (from Invader Zim)
    45. That’s Numberwang! (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    46. Rain rain rain (from Invader Zim)
    47. Avenge me! (from Ted Lasso)
    48. Count down to Monday (from Invader Zim)
    49. Don’t do that (from Galaxy Quest)
    50. Watery vengeance (from Invader Zim)
    51. Puddle (from Invader Zim)
    52. Launch codes (from WarGames)
    53. We love rain (from Invader Zim)
  3. March, 2022

    1. Bagel (from Miss Congeniality)
    2. Worth it (from Invader Zim)
    3. One-two punch (from Police Squad!)
    4. Flush (from Invader Zim)
    5. Are you testing me, Satan? (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    6. Twitching (from Invader Zim)
    7. This isn’t black (from Ted Lasso)
    8. Shower (from Invader Zim)
    9. Next! (from Galaxy Quest)
    10. Why must this be?! (from Invader Zim)
    11. Papa? (from Advertising)
    12. Obey the fist! (from Invader Zim)
    13. Overload (from WarGames)
    14. Take me to the meat (from Invader Zim)
    15. I had no idea (from Miss Congeniality)
    16. Frustration (from Invader Zim)
    17. I shall call you “my Lord” my Lord (from Blackadder)
    18. The machine will now decide your fate (from Invader Zim)
    19. That’s Wangernumb! (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    20. Promotions (from Invader Zim)
    21. She’s a sneaky, salty bitch (from Ted Lasso)
    22. sensor (from Invader Zim)
    23. Screaming (from Galaxy Quest)
    24. poor doomed child (from Invader Zim)
    25. Nicole? (from Advertising)
    26. Lord of all humans (from Invader Zim)
    27. Launch control panel (from WarGames)
    28. The lesson here (from Invader Zim)
    29. Crazed perfectionist (from Miss Congeniality)
    30. The machine has spoken (from Invader Zim)
    31. Very quick thinking (from Blackadder)
    32. You’re fired (from Invader Zim)
    33. A million peasants (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    34. What does this have to do with science? (from Invader Zim)
    35. Your casual misogyny for one (from Ted Lasso)
    36. Shocked (from Invader Zim)
    37. Is there air? (from Galaxy Quest)
    38. Pizza-stealing heart (from Invader Zim)
    39. Rendez-vous (from Advertising)
    40. Pizza (from Invader Zim)
    41. Electrocuted (from WarGames)
    42. Reject (from Invader Zim)
    43. Doesn’t inspire much confidence (from Miss Congeniality)
    44. Screaming (from Invader Zim)
    45. Let blood be your motto! (from Blackadder)
    46. Not your fault (from Invader Zim)
    47. Yes or no answers (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    48. HI! (from Invader Zim)
    49. Comfort food (from Ted Lasso)
    50. Do you know what this means? (from Invader Zim)
    51. That’s not right (from Galaxy Quest)
    52. Poke (from Invader Zim)
    53. Flowers (from Advertising)
    54. The Earth is safe (from Invader Zim)
    55. The horror of survival (from WarGames)
    56. G-force (from Invader Zim)
    57. I was distracted (from Miss Congeniality)
    58. Let’s make biscuits (from Invader Zim)
    59. Death (from Blackadder)
    60. I love this show (from Invader Zim)
    61. Hooray (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    62. This planet’s doom (from Invader Zim)
  4. April, 2022

    1. High praise (from Ted Lasso)
    2. They have the Earth (from Invader Zim)
    3. Everything is fine (from Galaxy Quest)
    4. Earth is safe once more (from Invader Zim)
    5. Skiing (from Advertising)
    6. I’m crushing your head (from Invader Zim)
    7. Simulation (from WarGames)
    8. Little hand (from Invader Zim)
    9. There are no words (from Miss Congeniality)
    10. Can’t I use that sponge? (from Invader Zim)
    11. Toast (from Blackadder)
    12. Eating pizza (from Invader Zim)
    13. Silent laughter (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    14. I laugh at your pitiful attempt at spying (from Invader Zim)
    15. You are a bit judgey (from Ted Lasso)
    16. A pimple (from Invader Zim)
    17. The chompers (from Galaxy Quest)
    18. Pustolio demands your attention! (from Invader Zim)
    19. Transformation (from Advertising)
    20. Charge! (from Invader Zim)
    21. We got something (from WarGames)
    22. That thing on his face (from Invader Zim)
    23. You’re under arrest (from Miss Congeniality)
    24. Doing stuff (from Invader Zim)
    25. What is he like (from Blackadder)
    26. Roll over (from Invader Zim)
    27. Now we know (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    28. Dancing (from Invader Zim)
    29. Just curious (from Ted Lasso)
    30. Sleeping?! (from Invader Zim)
    31. Miners, not minors! (from Galaxy Quest)
    32. Sweet jumping jellybean! (from Invader Zim)
    33. Nicole? Papa? (from Advertising)
    34. A little dance (from Invader Zim)
    35. Games! (from WarGames)
    36. Such tacos (from Invader Zim)
    37. Both painful and grotesque (from Miss Congeniality)
    38. My organs! (from Invader Zim)
    39. everything is normal (from Invader Zim)
    40. Chloroform (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    41. Shut your noise tube, Taco Human (from Invader Zim)
    42. Coach, football is life (from Ted Lasso)
    43. Madness (from Invader Zim)
    44. Relief (from Galaxy Quest)
    45. The madness! (from Invader Zim)
    46. Maman (from Advertising)
    47. Moose (from Invader Zim)
    48. Missile warning (from WarGames)
    49. Taco taco taco (from Invader Zim)
    50. Have I offended you in some way? (from Miss Congeniality)
    51. Crying (from Invader Zim)
    52. Yay we’re doomed! (from Invader Zim)
    53. Bad news (from That Mitchell and Webb Look)
    54. Brain (from Invader Zim)
    55. Panic attack (from Ted Lasso)
    56. Not compatible (from Invader Zim)
    57. You have a last name (from Galaxy Quest)
    58. Clear! (from Invader Zim)
  5. May, 2022

    1. Wedding crash (from Advertising)
    2. Screaming temporal doom (from Invader Zim)
    3. WOPR (from WarGames)
    4. Head explode (from Invader Zim)
    5. Second runner-up (from Miss Congeniality)
    6. Breakfast squid (from Invader Zim)
    7. I love-ed you, piggy! (from Invader Zim)
    8. These are for science (from Invader Zim)
    9. Truffle sandwich (from Ted Lasso)
    10. I demand piggies! (from Invader Zim)
    11. It exploded (from Galaxy Quest)
    12. Is this gonna take a long time? (from WarGames)
    13. Don’t mess with me (from Miss Congeniality)
    14. Stay strong (from Ted Lasso)
    15. Her translator is broken (from Galaxy Quest)
    16. CCTV (from WarGames)
    17. I am somewhat less than amused (from Miss Congeniality)
    18. Too close (from Ted Lasso)
    19. Red thingy (from Galaxy Quest)
    20. Launch detection (from WarGames)
    21. Mustang Sally (from Miss Congeniality)
    22. Grimace (from Ted Lasso)
    23. You are our last hope (from Galaxy Quest)
    24. Somebody could get hurt (from WarGames)
    25. My God, I am good (from Miss Congeniality)
  6. June, 2022

    1. The courage to say “hi” (from Ted Lasso)
    2. Oh darn (from Galaxy Quest)
    3. Close up the mountain (from WarGames)
    4. Now I’m thinking (from Miss Congeniality)
    5. Sometimes you have to do the right thing (from Ted Lasso)
    6. This is unreal (from Galaxy Quest)
    7. It’s not on the list (from WarGames)
    8. Try not to speak (from Miss Congeniality)
    9. Holy shit! (from Ted Lasso)
    10. Not as stupid as I am ugly (from Galaxy Quest)
    11. Picks your ties (from WarGames)
    12. Uplift (from Miss Congeniality)
    13. With GIFs and everything (from Ted Lasso)
    14. Changed my mind (from Galaxy Quest)
    15. You can go to jail for that (from WarGames)
    16. Why dont you stun gun yourself? (from Miss Congeniality)
  7. July, 2022

    1. Are you naked in my kitchen? (from Ted Lasso)
    2. Surrender (from Galaxy Quest)
    3. Hold the goddamn door! (from WarGames)
    4. Faint (from Miss Congeniality)
    5. Release them! … into space (from Galaxy Quest)
    6. not touching the keys (from WarGames)
    7. Beating (from Miss Congeniality)
    8. Hold, please (from Galaxy Quest)
    9. Changes locked out (from WarGames)
    10. You think I’m gorgeous (from Miss Congeniality)
    11. I got a few thoughts (from Ted Lasso)
    12. Thermian laughter (from Galaxy Quest)
    13. Learn, goddamn it (from WarGames)
    14. You are the crown (from Miss Congeniality)
    15. Now we’re over it (from Ted Lasso)
    16. Put it in a box (from Galaxy Quest)
  8. August, 2022

    1. Touching the screen (from WarGames)
    2. She’s Miss United States (from Miss Congeniality)
    3. The hold button (from Galaxy Quest)
    4. Learn how to swim (from WarGames)
    5. Holy fucking shit (from Ted Lasso)
    6. Rudimentary lathe (from Galaxy Quest)
    7. Turn your key, sir (from WarGames)
    8. Punching dicks (from Ted Lasso)
    9. Looking for another shoe (from Galaxy Quest)
    10. Lights (from WarGames)
    11. laughing (from Ted Lasso)
    12. Give up (from Galaxy Quest)
    13. Falken’s maze (from WarGames)
  9. September, 2022

    1. Why you screaming at us? (from Ted Lasso)
    2. Get your shirt off (from Galaxy Quest)
    3. Launch (from WarGames)
    4. Two bottles (from Ted Lasso)
    5. Never gave up (from Galaxy Quest)
    6. How rude (from WarGames)
    7. Just by being you (from Ted Lasso)
    8. On, Teb, on! (from Galaxy Quest)
    9. Tried that (from WarGames)
    10. Off you go (from Ted Lasso)
    11. Power down (from WarGames)
    12. Horror (from Ted Lasso)
  10. October, 2022

    1. Primary targets (from WarGames)
    2. Feelings (from Ted Lasso)
    3. Number eight (from WarGames)
    4. Nods (from Ted Lasso)
    5. Gate (from WarGames)
    6. Offside, you turnip! (from Ted Lasso)
    7. Confidence is high (from WarGames)
    8. Football is football too (from Ted Lasso)
    9. Out of the loop (from WarGames)
  11. November, 2022

    1. Who’s Jimmy Buffett? (from Ted Lasso)
    2. Does it make any sense? (from WarGames)
    3. It sounds better in french (from Ted Lasso)
    4. Data encryption algorithms (from WarGames)
    5. You’re coming with me (from Ted Lasso)
    6. Totally secure (from WarGames)
    7. Surprise (from Ted Lasso)
    8. Enable missiles (from WarGames)
  12. December, 2022

    1. Shipping (from Ted Lasso)
    2. Target selection complete (from WarGames)
    3. Generators on (from WarGames)
    4. External power disconnected (from WarGames)
    5. Overpriced beer (from Ted Lasso)
    6. Game time remaining (from WarGames)
    7. You live, you die, you’re done (from Ted Lasso)